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Acconeer and ALPS ALPINE signs a strategic partnership agreement and announces first customer project

The radar technology company Acconeer AB and ALPS ALPINE have signed a strategic partnership agreement with the aim of developing products for the automotive industry. ALPS ALPINE is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems for cars.

Acconeer's unique ultra-low power and high precision radar sensor will be included in several of ALPS ALPINE products. The first product from the collaboration, an access control sensor for cars, has been completed and is already being marketed to automobile manufacturers globally. ALPS ALPINE have now won their first project with a leading international car brand and therefore Acconeer has signed an exclusivity agreement for this particular use-case and car brand. If the project is completed as planned, deliveries are expected to start in early 2022 and run over a minimum of 4 years.

Lars Lindell, CEO of Acconeer, comments: "We have teamed up with ALPS ALPINE for a couple of years and have now reached the point where the next logical step is to formalize our cooperation. We are certain that ALPS ALPINE is the perfect partner to take our radar sensor to the automobile industry globally."


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Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer, Phone: +46 10218 92 00, Mail:

This information is information that Acconeer AB is required to disclose by the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the above contact person, for publication on 4th of September 2019 at 10.30.

About Acconeer AB

Acconeer is a leading radar sensor company based in Lund, south Sweden, in Ideon, the country's hottest region for wireless technologies. Acconeer is developing a truly leading ultra-low power, high precision 3D sensor which will revolutionize the way that mobile devices interpret their surroundings. Acconeers ultra-low power and millimeter precision sensor will be a robust and cost-effective solution for applications ranging from virtual reality and gaming to security and robot control. Information from the sensor can also be used to identify different materials, these are just some examples of the wide range of possibilities of application areas for the sensor. Acconeer is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with the ticker code ACCON, Redeye is the company's Certified Advisor (CA).


BGA Invest AB, 556653-5182, and Winplantan AB, 556936-5082 - who together hold approximately 26 per cent of the shares and votes in Acconer AB - have today announced to the company that they will propose Thomas Rex as new Chairman of the board at Acconeer's annual general meeting April 14, 2020. Current Chairman Bengt Adolfsson announced at the same time that he declines re-election as Chairman, but is available for re-election as a member of the Board.


The order relates to Acconeer's radar sensor A111. Based in New Zealand, Glyn Ltd is established as a leading distributor in New Zealand and Australia.


The order relates to Acconeer's radar sensor A111. Part of the order is for production of the social robot LOVOT from GROOVE X, a Japanese company which Acconeer also publishes a customer story about today. Japanese Restar Electronics Corporation is a leading distributor in Japan with especially strong coverage of companies in the consumer electronics segment.


The order relates to Acconeer's radar sensor A111.


At the end of September, BEYD had supplied Acconeer's sensors to five different customers, three of whom are active in the area of parking sensors and one each in level measurement in tanks and presence detection. The new order from BEYD includes Acconeer's radar sensor A111.


From today, Acconeer will start sharing selected customer stories to show innovative ways our customers use the A111 radar sensor in their products and solutions. The first customer story is from HANCOM Mobility, who uses Acconeer's radar in their parking sensor, which is a key part of the ParkingFriends™ platform provided by HANCOM Mobility.


BEYD have launched five different customers using Acconeer's sensors, three of whom are active in the area of parking sensors and one each in level measurement in tanks and presence detection. The new order from BEYD includes Acconeer's radar sensor A111 and evaluation kits.


The wireless headphone application to be showcased has been trained to recognize five hand gestures with high accuracy and close to zero latency. It is the first result coming from a cooperation agreement between the companies that started in May this year. By combining Edge AI software from Imagimob with the Pulsed Coherent Radar technology from Acconeer, the two companies have created an innovative platform for gesture control perfect for consumer electronics products.


The order relates to Acconeer's High-Performance module XM112, the IoT module XM122 and Acconeer sensor A1.



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